Who has got what?

Savoir poser des questions


Have you got... ?
Writing exercise
1 Have you got an umbrella?
2 Have you got lots of CDs?
3 Have you got rollerskates?
4 Have you got a surfboard?
5 Have you got a computer?
6 Have you got a mobile phone?
7 Have you got an mp3 player?
8 Have you got a TV in your room?
9 Has he got dark hair?
10 Has he got fair hair?


I haven't got ...
Writing exercise
1 I haven't got a digital camera.
2 She hasn't got her school bag.


Have you done/lost/forgotten ... ?
Writing exercise
1 Have you done your homework?
2 Have you lost your ruler?
3 Has she got her scissors?
4 Has he forgotten his map in his room?


I have done/lost/forgotten ...
Writing exercise
1 I have lost my ruler.
2 I have forgotten my copybook.
3 Sorry, I have forgotten my book at home.


R├ęponses courtes

    Forme affirmative
1 Yes I have.
2 Yes he has.
    Forme n├ęgative
1 No, I haven't
2 No, he hasn't