Listen and answer the questions

Copyright A.HADRAMI

01. What's his name?
02. How old is he? (in letters)
03. Where is he from? He's from
04. So he was born . He is (nationality).
05. What about his parents? They .
06. Has he got any brothers or sisters? He's got a who is nine and a who is seven.
07. His sister is not .
08. His brother is a !
09. He's got pets which one are they? He's got a and a .
10. Where does he live over here in France? In .
11. In a house or in a flat? In a .
12. Does he share his room? , because he's got his room
13. He's fond of and . He's good at them.
14. His hockey is the Detroit Red Wings.
Thanks a lot George for your voice!