School uniform : For or against?


1 School uniforms wouldsave parents money
2 School uniforms would save parents time, kids would not have to decide each morning what to wear.
3 There is nothing wrong with a dress code, in other words wearing a uniform is not a problem.
4 Parents wouldn’t have to buy the newest craze in fashion.
5 Gang members shouldn’t be allowed in school. They should be excluded.
6 School uniforms make it easy to identify kids who belong to one particular school.


1 Wearing a uniform doesn’t help parents to identify their children in case of disasters or accidents. If they wore their own clothes, it helps identify the older students who may bully younger ones.
2   If kids wore their own clothes people would concentrate on their individual character instead of if they are rich or poor.
3 If you wear a uniform you won’t be associated with a gang.
4 Some kids use baggy clothes to hide weapons and drugs.
5 School uniforms are expensive and have no use outside of school.
6 The only way to reduce violence in schools is for parents to take more care of their kids.