William the Conqueror

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1. Who was William the Conqueror?


He was one of the greatest kings of England. He was born in Normandy and he was an illegitimate child , but eventually (finally) his family recognised him so he could become Duke of Normandy himself.


2. What about his father?


He was the Duke of Normandy but he died in a crusade in 1035.

3. Was he married?    
Yes, he married his cousin Mathilda.    
4. What was he like?    

He was very skilful and brave but also hard and determined.

5. Why do we call him « the Conqueror »?    

In 1064 with the support of the French king Henry IV and the Pope he decided to prepare his invasion of England. In 1066, he raised fortifications in Hastings. During the battle, king Harold was killed and William bacame king of England.
No one after him succeeded in invading England that's why he is called « the Conqueror »