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Objectif général : S’exprimer de plus en plus longtemps en anglais.

Pour cela il faut penser le projet avec du recul, c’est-à-dire, d’abord de façon globale
Planter le décor :

Puis penser le projet de façon plus approfondie :

Conclusion : Votre appréciation de vos vacances.

Ouvrir: fin des vacances, et maintenant….?

Notion de temps: Entraînement ici notion de temps - Entraînement sur Quizlet Quizlet.com
- For hours/ for four days /for two weeks /for one(a) month /for a year etc.
-For a long time
- Two and a half hours
-The whole month
-The first two weeks
-All day/ all week / all year round
-The week before / The previous week
-The week after / The following week
-Since the the first day…
-all day


Enchaîner les événements: Entraînement ici notion de temps en construction!- Entraînement sur Quizlet Quizlet.com
Before + V_ing
after that,
later on
Eventually = finally

Notion de lieu / géographie: Entraînement ici notion de temps en construction!- Entraînement sur Quizlet Quizlet.com
- home
-went to my grandparents' (place)
-went to my friends’ (place)
-French Riviera
-Corsica, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece etc.
-I didn't go anywhere (special)
-I went abroad ≠ I didn’t go abroad
-I went to Spain, in a beautiful place/village… on a beautiful island.
-North - South - East – West – North East – South West -
Développer la notion de lieu:
Landes : it's by the sea / on the west coast of France- 
-it's next to..., it's near... it’s not very far from …

Transport / Journey, how did you get there ?:
-by car à We went to Paris by car à we drove to Paris
-by coach à I travelled by coach
-by plane à I went to London by plane à I took a plane to London à I flew to London à
-ferry à I took a ferry to…
-by taxi àI took a taxi…
-by taxi àI took a train to Paris
-on foot à I went to the beach on foot à I walked to the beach


Hébergement: Accomodation
-I stayed at some friends’ (place)
-I slept at my grandparents’ (place)
-I stayed home for one month/two weeks…

Activities around your house
-I used to go to bed/to sleep at midnight every day.
-I got up every morning at 10 o’clock
- early ≠ late
-I played video games (for) six hours a day!
-I read four books this summer
-I surfed the Web
-I watched Youtube
-I ate special food: Italian food, ice-cream, fruit (pine apple, water melon,  melon, salads)
-I went to McDonald’s / Burger King/ KFC (fast food restaurants)
-I walked in the mountains
-I went horse-riding

-most of the time

Sport activities:
-I played football / tennis / paintball / airsoft with my friends
-I went to the swimming-pool with my friends.
-I went swimming, climbing, water-skiing, surfing, wake boarding,

-I visited … by bus
-I went on a city tour of London by bus
-We walked around the town
-We did an excursion to…
-We walked around the lake in Annecy
-We visited a museum

The weather was fine ≠ aweful
We had a nice ≠ horrible weather
It was very hot


-since: dans la mesure où, puisque...
-That's why

Any problem?:
Everything went ok

Always : toujours
Usually : d’habitude, habituellement
Often : souvent
Most of the time : la plupart du temps
Sometimes : quelque fois
Seldom/rarely : rarement
Never : jamais
Extremely : extrêmement
Too + adj : trop
Very : très
Quite : assez
Not very: pas très…
Not …(adj) at all : pas du tout

Récurrence : once, twice, three times, four times etc.

Adjectifs positifs:
Nice: agréable, bien, sympa
beautiful : beau, belle
interesting : intéressant
relaxing : reposant
great ! super!
fantastic ! fantastique!
fabulous: Fabuleux!
wonderful! merveilleux!
amazing! genial, impressionnant!
brilliant ! genial!
breath-taking : à couper le souffle


Expressions positives :
awesome !
just perfect!
It was good fun!
I had a good time!
I really enjoyed my holidays!
It was the best holidays of my life!
It was nice spending some time with my family, friends etc.
I’m looking forward to go(ing) there again!


Adjectifs négatifs:
Not nice: pas bien, pas joli, pas sympa
Boring: ennuyeux
strange: étrange
disappointing : décevant
much too long! : beaucoup trop long !
bad: mauvais
very hard: très dur
painful: douloureux
horrible : horrible
terrible : terrible
rubbish: nul 
stupid : stupide

Expressions négatives :
That’s a shame! C’est / quel dommage!
(what) a waste of time ! (quelle) perte de temps
Never again!: plus jamais ça!
The weather was lousy ! Le temps était vraiment moche !

I had a great holiday!
It was nice spending more time with my parents /
It was nice spending some time away from my parents
We had a really nice time
Well, (unfortunately) then it was time to get prepared for school again.
But it’s cool to see my friends again at school.







More vocabulary

Present yourself (basic vocabulary) audio

Talk about yourself

L'intonation: montante ou descendante?

Gap fillers: Hésitation, réactions pendant un échange.

Hum... Well..! actually (en fait) - That's right - Yes sure! - of course - oh really? - Wow etc.

S'entrainer à l'oral

Jobs: practise here (with audio) . Want to go further

S'entrainer à conjuguer "BE":

"BE" or "HAVE": practise here (with audio)

Evaluation (EOI) : donner des informations personnelles et en demander.




Memorize then practise

Méthodologie de la description d'images:

Cottage: definition here » if you want to go further with houses » YMCA »

Méthodologie de la compréhension orale:

avec audio

What are they like?: Practise memorizing here

D'autres adjectifs de personnalité ici (avec audio) exercice

Les adverbes de fréquence


adjectifs de la personnalité: avec audio


Likes, Dislikes

Food Activities - Animals - School subjects -

How do you like...? + expressions de l'appréciation


Activités du cours






Listen to this pupil introducing himself




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Obtenir le lecteur Adobe Flash



Timetables and subjects

Practise the school subjects (matching with sound)

Asking questions :

An ordinary school day :

Want to know more about school subjects : visit Laura's school in Yorkshire

Pink Floyd (song from Deezer.com) lyrics

School system in England

Listen to Laura and read her notes (our English assistant) Download

Another presentation of the school system in England. (7min54)    

Watch, Listen and take notes.













Want to go a bit further? See the following websites:  
  From the British Council From teachernet


- Webquest school system

A very controversial issue: School uniforms!!!!!!!

School uniforms' debate : For or against ?

Visit these websites and take notes (Pro / Con or For / Against)

More debate with the following videos:

How to take part in a debate (vocabulary)

Prepare your own debate

Extra :

Project 2 - FOOD & HEALTH


Making a cup of tea!

Jamie Oliver

http://www.jamieoliver.com / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Oliver

Song : Food Revolution Day



THE PAST - Prétérit



After a nervous breakdown


Carrière de Charlie Chaplin: Trace écrite travail en classe - Trace écrite oralisée

Grammar PRETERIT -


Do ou pas ?






Visiting sites : http://www.visitbritain.co.uk/destinations/england/london/index.aspx


"Preparing a trip" S'entrainer


The Normans in Britain (William the Conqueror)

The British Isles (source Cesar's English page)



bandelette description image

Trace écrite : description de l'image Bp11 Entraînement

YMCA : définition - logo - vidéo et paroles (foncionne mieux avec Internet Explorer)

Build up your vocabulary -

Jobs (source: Michel Barbot) Audio from Laura

Personality vocabulary (17 adjectives) What are you like ? (audio + images + jeu)

Family tree (source ac-clermont fr)family tree

Remarque concernant l'évaluation de la Compréhension orale (29 sept)


Avec audio

The Battle of Hastings (Encyclopædia Britannica)

Hastings Webquest



School :
Image d'ouverture Bp27 » | activité » |
  Education in England » |
Comparing England & the USA
- England: Mill Hill County High School » (webquest ») Eastbury » || USA: Oak Middle School » (webquest ») |

- Kenton school Read and answer » | » | Listen to Lucy and John » |
- Bozel vs Kenton (trace écrite) » | activités » |
- Webquest school sys » | Scool past and present »
| » Pink Floyd » lyrics » |
- Harrow meals » |

- Bulling : »
- Lettre à un correspondant »


- (More words Bp33) » |
Determination » |
- Rappel » |wb » | » | » |Comparatif et Superlatif: 11 pages » |
- formes faibles » | as, than » |
Repeat these words and expressions
» |






  • The superlative (Michel Barbot)
    • (1ère page uniquement) » puis
    • Irregular superlative forms »
    • Mixed sentences (7pages) »
    • 10 sentences »
    • Comparative or Superlative (2pages) »
    • Guinness World Record website
      • Find out about ... (under construction!)
  • Pour Freddy: désactivation temporaire (avec animation Flash): http://www.safer-networking.org/fr/howto/disable.hs.html













Project 6 - AUSTRALIA



Flag | History | Geography | Ayers rock | Aborigines | Aboriginal culture | Surf | Garma

The Flag: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/school/Australia/Flagprintout.shtml

Australia's flag is also called the Commonwealth Blue Ensign. It has three main design elements on a deep blue background:

On January 1, 1901, this flag was was chosen from about 30,000 entries in a public contest. Annie Whistler Dorrington, Ivor Evans, Leslie John Hawkins, Egbert John Nuttal, and Perth and William Stevens were declared winners of the design contest. It was officially adopted as the Australian flag in 1953.


Captain Cook Obsession and discovery

The Commonwealth of Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere comprising the mainland of the world's smallest continent, the major island of Tasmania, and numerous other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Australia is divided into 6 states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania and 2 territories; the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Geography practise

Quick presentation : VIDEO (in French) http://www.australia-australie.com/medias-videos/

Australia's ultimate travel and tourism guide

Interactive map
Queensland - New South Wales - Victoria - Australian Capital Territory - South Australia - Western Australia - Northern Territory - Tasmania

Map quiz

Ayers Rock is also known by its Aboriginal name 'Uluru' http://www.crystalinks.com/ayersrock.html

Dingoes : Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3 -

Camp Bodeidei (VIDEO - French)

Aboriginal Australia

The Aboriginal flag : http://www.flagaustnat.asn.au/aboriginalflag.php



Purpose :

Surf : http://www.destination360.com/australia-south-pacific/australia/surfing.php

Sharks: http://www.environment.gov.au/coasts/species/sharks/index.html

surfing can be dangerous : http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/SYD423795.htm


Modern Australia:

Sydney (The Opera House)
Melbourne (Yarra River Footbridge)
Brisbane (Brisbane River)
Darwin (Parliament House)

Want to go further: The Story of Australia (source: raud.dugal)




The Garma festival of traditional culture:



Compound nouns (WB Connect 4 p59)

Test 1ère partie - seconde partie



The School of the air :

Pair work : Team A: "Aboriginal Art" versus Team B: "Way of life of Aborigines"







The superlative (Michel Barbot) | Trace écrite

The Guinness World Record

Most tattooed person | Oldest Married Couple - Aggregate Age | Smallest Dog | Longest Ears on a Dog | Longest Skis | Tallest Rideable Motorcycle |








Project 7 - SOUTH AFRICA

geography : http://www.southafrica.info/about/geography/geography.htm

The Flag

Méthodologie du commentaire d’image:

In the top right-hand corner On the right In the middle

Entraine-toi ici


Révise ta trace écrite

Poster competition

Révise ta trace écrite

Grammar: L’expression du futur

"Will" Vs "Be going to" : La règle - Exercices

Kruger park safari

C.O -

Révise ta trace écrite

Grammar: Les équivalents modaux










How to Prepare for Work Experience

How do I find an internship?

Top 5 tips for preparing for your Work Experience


How to Find Work Experience/Internships



·      context – obligation de stage

·      location + how to get there

·      Presentation (size+ origin etc.)

·      Specificity + clients

·      Employees

·      Tutor + studies + qualifications + experience

·      equipment

·      Your Tasks

·      impressions

For the future:

I think I could do this job in the future

I don’t think I will do this job in my future


Commencer sa présentation: idées de pistes...

I chose to do my internship at ... because I like this field so I wanted to discover / explore/ to find out more about it.
This company is called xxx. 
It’s located / based [t] in xxx.
Only two people work there It wasn’t difficult to find/ finding.
In order to become a cook must /have to /need

Context:Why an internship?
-We are supposed to do an internship either in Year 9 or Year 10.
-The idea is to get a clear view of different jobs and how to get there.
-The objective/goal/aim is to  find out your path, your way...
-it’s convenient / handy : c’est pratique
-it’s only 5 minutes walk/drive, so I can walk there. 
La convention : to fill in a form Before my work experience I expected to …
-I agree # I don’t agree (je suis d’accord # je ne suis pas d’accord)
-Basically : en gros, globalement
-the know-how : le savoir-faire
I expect to learn how to use… Je m’attends à apprendre à utiliser…

Savoir exprimer la notion de temps:

each morning = every morning
All day/week/year
All the time
every other day: un jour sur deux.
bank holidays : jours fériés
On Monday, On Tuesday
In March, in April
from December to April
Two and a half hours
a day off: un jour de congé
a break : une pause
for hours/years: pendant des heures/années
for a long time: pendant longtemps

a whole week
after, then, next, later on,
since: depuis
at the moment: en ce moment
last week/year
The day before: le jour d’avant
The next/following day: le jour suivant
two weeks ago: il y a 2 semaines


At the end of my internship,
Basically it was …
I had no problem + Ving
especially : surtout
I had the opportunity to make cakes, to practise…, to use special tools
I have been able to make cakes, to practise…, to use special tools
interesting, fascinating, great, fun, fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, perfect
quite bad, boring, rubbish, disgusting, not nice, disappointing, exhausting, tiring, hard = tough

I found the job tiring : j’ai trouvé le travail fatiguant.
It was surprising / it was a surprise : c’était surprenant !
I expected to learn how to use special tools… Je m’attendais à apprendre à utiliser des outils spécifiques…

interesting, fascinating, great, fun, fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, perfect quite bad, boring, rubbish, disgusting, not nice, disappointing, exhausting, tiring, hard = tough

Outils supplémentaires:
must + have to + need


Expressions 1 - 2 -


Project 9 -



Project 10 - IRELAND


The Ireland Game


Project 11 -



The Flag

Méthodologie du commentaire d’image:

In the middle


Entraine-toi ici





"Off Course"

My breakfast

Quelques aliments ici (avec audio) exercice

The Time




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